What to Look For in Data Center Server Racks

Aisle Containment Retrofit 5 - What to Look For in Data Center Server Racks | <span>Cool-Shield</span>Choosing suitable server racks for your data center is one of the most important parts of the initial data center design phase. When you’re in the market for data center server racks there are several important factors to consider. Here’s a rundown to help you choose the racks that are right for you.

Server Rack Size

The size of server rack you need will depend on both the type of server equipment you need mounting and the amount that requires enclosure space. When you’re calculating how much space you will need now, don’t forget to factor in future expansion.

Server Rack Cooling

Today’s cutting-edge technologies generate a considerable amount of heat which is why your server racks play a crucial role in your cooling and aisle containment strategy. The baseline of heat output varies significantly between racks depending on the type and density of the servers, and can be anywhere between 4 kW-12 kW per rack.

Physical Security

Adequate security is vital for the running of your business and your server rack is an important part of your security strategy. For the ultimate in security, choose server cabinets with locking front and rear doors. Also use data center monitoring systems for actively watch over your racks so that operators can check on amperage draw, temperature, humidity and other variables. Smart monitor will send you automatic alerts via SMTP/SMS/SNMP for a range of pre-set conditions.

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