Cabinet Floor Skirts

Seal airflow underneath server cabinets to improve cooling efficiency

Fire-rated Cabinet Floor Skirt panels are magnetically or mechanically fastened to cabinet base for fast installation.

Cool Shield Cabinet Floor Skirts are a simple but effective way to prevent hot exhaust air from entering the cold aisle from the gaps under server cabinets.

Sealing these gaps underneath cabinets can make a big difference in the effectiveness of your aisle containment solution.  Studies have indicated that this simple measure can reduce inlet temperatures at the bottom portion of server racks by 10 degrees or more.  The floor skirts are available in two different mounting methods.

Magnetic attachment is most popular because of the speed of installation.  Two small but surprisingly strong disc magnets adhere to the metal frame at the bottom of the server cabinet.  Simply apply the adhesive magnets to panel in a location where there is a good metal connection and place on the cabinet. 

Most server cabinets manufacturers have two threaded holes along the bottom frame of the server cabinets in standard distance apart.  Cabinet Floor Skirt Panels are available with pre-punched holes to allow for mechanically fastening the panels to the cabinet.  Slotted holes allow for floor height variation.  Mechanical fastening may be preferred to prevent accidentally kicking floor panels off when working on cabinets.

Panels are also available to seal the depth of the cabinet.  This can be important if there are gaps in the row due to missing cabinets or columns.  All Cabinet Floor Skirts can be custom sized for your specific height and width.  Panels are pre-scored every ½” at the bottom 2” of the panels to allow for height variation.  They are also available in several colors to closely match server cabinets.


  • Cut-to-size for your specific cabinet and gap sizes
  • Both fastening solutions install very quickly
  • Very cost effective to implement
  • Improve the return-on-investment of your containment installation
  • Meets NFPA 75 and 76 data center fire safety standards


  • Standard black and white color options. Custom colors available
  • Mechanical fastening option includes (2) M8-1.25 x 16 mm Hex Flange Bolts
  • Magnetic fastening option includes (2) ¾” x 1/32” adhesive disc magnet
  • Panels are scored every ½” at the bottom of each panel to adjust size to varying gap heights
  • Material has ASTM Class A fire rating

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