Vertical Baffle Panels

Easy-to-Install partial height vertical panels provide effective aisle containment without blocking fire suppression.

Explore our vertical Baffle Panels designed to enhance airflow management and maximize energy efficiency in data centers and high-density environments.

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Cool Shield’s Vertical Baffle Panels are placed on top of server cabinets and extend to within 18” of ceiling to prevent recirculation of exhaust air to the cold aisle.

Vertical Baffle Panels allow data center managers to get most of the benefit from aisle containment without having to re-configure the fire suppression system. A uniquely designed extrusion frame securely holds an 8mm panel vertically without any hardware. The frame can be secured to the top of a server cabinet mechanically or with disc magnets. Each frame can be sized to the cabinet width to make for modular and scalable implementation. Panels can also be custom sized to width and height to accommodate rows which have different height server cabinets.

Panels placed at the top of the server racks extend to 18” below the ceiling height. This provides enough clearance for the fire suppression system to adequately dissipate without special accommodation. This prevents modification of suppression system or the use of devices such as fusible links. The Vertical Baffle Panels can be used for cold or hot aisle containment. In either case, the panels prevent hot exhaust air from coming over the top of the cabinets into the server intake.

For sites with plenum return systems, the hot air will be directed toward the ceiling where the negative pressure from the cold aisle will draw the air into the plenum space.


  • Effective containment without dealing with fire suppression concerns
  • Very easy to configure and install without tools
  • Custom sized and pre-assembled for quick on-site installation
  • Clear panels for high light transmission
  • Mechanical and magnetic attachment options available


  • 2” x 1 ½” aluminum frame provides high rigidity and durability
  • Internal rubber seal holds panel tightly in place
  • Standard 8mm Twinwall panel has ASTM Class A fire rating
  • Standard ½” foam gasket to cabinet allows install over screw heads and small cables
    Standard colors are black and silver. Custom colors available.

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