Single Hinged Containment Doors

The Cool Shield single-hinged doors provide high performance and aesthetics to aisle entry ways.

Single Hinged Doors feature self-closing hinges which automatically closes doors after users enter the aisle.

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The hinged doors can be used as a stand-alone solution to enclose aisle entry or as part of a fully integrated aisle containment solution.

The self-closing feature pf the Cool Shield Hinged Doors helps to ensure that doors are not accidentally left open to allow significant air leakage. Door frames are constructed from the versatile 2” x 2” Cool Shield post extrusion for high strength and durability.   Like all Cool Shield extrusion, the frames feature a combination of threaded and slotted channels for high functionality in both sealing and mounting the doors.  Door frames surrounds a generous clear insert to provide light and visibility into the aisle. Standard inserts meet ASTM E84 Class A rating and NFPA 75 data center standards.  FM Global 4910 inserts are available as an option.

Cool Shield Hinged Doors ship with a mounting kit which includes several bracket options to secure to floors, upper containment or other overhead supports.


  • Door inserts meet NFPA 75 data center standards
  • Door inserts are completely transparent to allow security cameras visibility into the aisles
  • Frames and brackets are available in silver or black
  • Integrated side lights allow doors to function on wide aisle entry way


  • Door Closes Automatically To Prevent Air Leakage
  • Closing speed is fully adjustable
  • Magnetic disks prevent doors from opening due to air pressure in aisles
  • Standard Inserts Are ASTM E84 Class A Rated

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