Modular Framed Containment Walls

Heavy-duty, Modular Framed Containment Walls provide a solid fixed barrier to separate a room into smaller spaces.

Custom sized Cool Shield Modular Framed Containment Walls create a floor-to-ceiling barrier. The barrier divides large spaces to improve cooling efficiency or create work zones.

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Modular Framed Containment Walls are created with using the robust 2” x 2” Cool Shield Extrusion.

Typically, vertical posts run from floor to ceiling. Cross beams also frame out translucent, transparent or opaque panels.  This modular construction allows the walls to be as tall as 24 feet and have an unlimited length.  Walls are typically supported at both the ceiling and floor for maximum stability. Cool Shied hinged or sliding doors can be integrated into the wall systems to allow for pass though.

Framed walls can also be used for containment aisles with a single row of cabinets. The containment wall creates a rigid seal on the opposite side in areas where cabinets could never be placed. The containment walls can be cabinet height in containment ceiling applications. 


  • Rigid modular wall system custom sized to each application
  • Create smaller conditioned space to improve cooling efficiency.
  • Solid vertical containment to seal opposite single row cabinet
  • Extrusion and panels cut to size for simple installation with hand drill


  • Heavy-duty 2” x 2’ vertical and horizontal support beams
  • Frame accepts 4mm and 6mm panels
  • Clear, opaque, frosted or translucent panel options
  • Frames available in Silver or Black. Custom colors available

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