Flexible Strip Walls

Flexible containment strip walls fill gaps in caused by missing cabinets or entire rows.

Most data centers do not have aisles with perfectly uniform rows of cabinets. For an existing data center that has evolved over time or even a new build out, it is rare that all potential positions are filled.

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Missing cabinets, whether it is just one or an entire row can compromise the effectiveness of an aisle containment solution.

It is imperative that these gaps are filled, even if it is only a temporary situation. Flexible strips prove to be an excellent choice for this application. They are easy to install, cost effective and can be easily removed or cut when a cabinet is eventually deployed.

Cool Shield‘s flexible strip walls can be attached to the ceiling or to the lower channel of a panel or strip. Cool Shield features a removable strip mounting bracket, sized to the width of a server cabinet, which can be removed from our channel in seconds. Alternatively, the strips can be mounted directly to the channel or with a fusible or electromagnetic release.


  • Overlapping strips cut to size to fill large or small gaps in containment
  • Strips can be easily removed or cut when cabinets are deployed
  • Optional removable mounting bracket attaches to Cool Shield channel
  • Optional floor support to prevent separation due to air pressure
  • Optional thermal release solutions


  • ASTM E84 Class A and UL94 V0 rated strip material meets NFPA 75 standards
  • Lightweight, clear material with low out-gassing
  • 12″, 14″, 26″ and 48″ strip standard widths
  • Multiple channel mounting methods including drop ceiling, strut and beams
  • Re-closable fasteners prevent strip separation

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