Rackfill Full Rack Blanking Panels

Specially formulated fire-rated panels seal completely empty rack spaces quickly and economically

Fire-rated full rack blanking panels quick install to completely fill empty rack spaces in server cabinets.

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Cool Shield RackFill blanking panels combine performance, versatility and low cost in one innovative solution.

RackFill blanking panels combine performance, versatility and low cost in one innovative solution. Panels can ship with your choice of three mounting options: 1) Push-in clips for round hole (telecom) mounting rails 2) Push-in clips for industry standard square hole mounting rails 3) Ultra-thin high-performance magnetic discs which will adhere to any steel mounting rails. All options allow data center managers to quickly install lightweight yet rigid panels to fill empty rack spaces in literally seconds. RackFill panels are available in 1U to 27U sizes. All panels feature perforated scores in 1U increments to allow the panels to be quickly and accurately cut to any size needed as hardware is added. Panels can be cut in seconds with a common utility knife or scissors.

Specially formulated plastic resins have allowed RackFill panels to achieve ASTM E84 highest Class A fire rating. In fact, the flame spread and smoke density rates are so low that they are also approved to be used in plenum spaces. There are no other blanking panel solutions available which can match the combination of features that RackFill offers.


  • Multiple mounting options including magnets and push-in clips for round and square hole rails
  • Rigid, lightweight material does not sag to maintain tight seal between panels
  • Perforated in 1U increment to allow easy cutting to size when new hardware is added
  • Specially formulated resins achieve exceptional fire rating exceeding NFPA data center standards
  • Available for both 19” and 23” rackmount widths


  • E84 Class A Fire Rating exceeds NFPA 75 and 76 Data Center Standards
  • Available in 1U to 27U sizes
  • Available in both 19” and 23” Rack Mount cabinets
  • Standard colors are black and white, custom colors upon request
  • Each 1/32” thick magnetic disc has pull force of 2.1 lbs

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