Foam Gap Seal

Expanding foam gap fill strips seal gaps and prevent mixing supply and exhaust air.

Cool Shield Air Foam Gap Seal fill strips fill unwanted gaps to maximize the effectiveness of aisle containment applications.

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Use expanding foam strips can be used for gaps in cabinet rows, below server cabinets, above containment panels or anywhere where there is unwanted air leakage. Filling unwanted gaps prevents cool supply air from mixing with hot exhaust air.

This will minimize costly bypass airflow to maximize the capacity and efficiency from HVAC equipment. The self-expanding foam gap seal tape is safe for the data center and ensures a durable secure seal between racks/ enclosures and HAC systems.

The time-release expansion allows easy product installation without disturbing cables or other critical items within the data center and will conform around cables or other non-uniform spaces when completely expanded.

Available Sizes (Individual Rolls)
CS-AirstripTape-EFT-1:      1/4″ Thickness x 1″ Wide Expands to 1″ thickness 20ft Roll
CS-AirstripTape-EFT-1.5:   3/8″ Thickness x 1″ Wide Expands to 1½” thickness 15ft Roll

Available Sizes (Box of 12)
CS-AirstripTape-EFT-1-12:      1/4″ Thickness x 1″ Wide Expands to 1″ thickness 20ft Roll
CS-AirstripTape-EFT-1.5-12:   3/8″ Thickness x 1″ Wide Expands to 1½” thickness 15ft Roll


  • Several sizes available to fill opening ¼ inch to 1½ inch gaps.
  • Fill gaps in containment or around server cabinets
    Strong adhesive for lasting connection
  • Flame retardant
  • Pre-compressed to slowly expand until gap is fully sealed


  • Black Polyurethane foam with acrylate dispersion impregnation
  • Heat resistance -40°F – 194°F (-30°C – 90°C)
  • Material Compatibility No bleeding, no corrosion, no staining, no discoloration
  • Compression force ASTM D3574/ISO 3386
  • Air Tightness ASTM E 283 0.08 cfm/ft (1.57 psf) 0.33 cfm/ft (6.25 psf)

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