Thermal Drop Away Ceiling Panels

Lightweight thermally activated aisle containment ceiling panels fall out of way before fire suppression release

The Cool Shield drop away containment ceiling panels are UL listed and are intended to be used when the fire suppression heads are located directly above the contained area.

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The panel is installed horizontally across the cold aisle to effectively create a ceiling above the two rows of cabinets.

The heat sensitive panels shrink away to fall harmlessly out of the way once the temperature hits 135 degrees F. Most fire suppression systems are set to activate at a temperature above 135 degrees.

These drop-away ceiling panels are framed by a 2″ wide aluminum extrusion, which keeps the lightweight panels firmly in place despite the positive pressure in the cold aisle.  In addition, framed panels can be easily lifted off to easily to access cable trays or change light bulbs. A strip seal along the sides of the frame prevents air leakage between panels.

A gasketed frame around the perimeter of the cold aisle above the cabinets supports the framed panels.  This elevates them slightly to avoid screw heads and other obstructions on the cabinet top.  Also, it ensures the panels do not negatively impact the door opening.  The support frame can be attached directly to the cabinets, though some customers prefer that the aisle containment system does not attach to their server cabinets, allowing them to move in or out as needed. Threaded slots on the support frame accept standard screws.  The threaded slots add versatility in suspending the ceiling system from nearly any existing support including struts, beams, joists or even a concrete ceiling.

Thermal drop away ceiling panels in Data Centers

About Thermal Drop Away Ceiling Panels for Aisle Containment

thermal drop ceiling panels in data center
Benefits Of The Cool Shield Drop-Away Ceiling Panels

The drop-away thermal panels enable the fire suppression system to work as designed.  Some Fire Marshals may require including a smoke detector inside the contained area.  However, adding a smoke detector is much easier than re-configuring the entire system.  The panels are completely clear so that ambient light will keep the aisle well-lit for data center personnel, with easy access to lights or cable trays by simply removing frame panels that are in the way.


  • Clear lightweight panels allow for light pass through
  • Framed panels can be lifted off to access above contained area
  • Panels designed to disintegrate above 135 degrees
  • Material meets NFPA 75 fire rating requirements
  • Framed panels can be pre-installed for fast installation


  • UL Listed and FM Approved (Manufactured by Ceilume) for installation beneath fire sprinklers
  • Class A Fire Rated ASTM E84-11a
  • Weight: 0.75 lbs
  • Color: Clear Also available: White, Sand, Latte, Merlot, Black
  • Material: Feather-Light, recyclable, 0.013″ thick rigid vinyl

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