Single Sliding Containment Doors

Low profile self-closing end-of-aisle single sliding door system

The Cool Shield Single Sliding Door is durable, functional and attractive. Smooth opening slide rails with reliable hydraulic self-closing mechanism.

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Pre-assembled doors are designed to be installed and functional within minutes.

The Cool Shield Single Sliding Door system is highly functional and cost-efficient for aisles up to 50” wide. Both the doors and frame have the sturdiness to stand up to years of functional service.  The simple and efficient design has few parts and requires minimal maintenance for low cost of ownership. The adjustable hydraulic self-closing mechanism ensures doors close after aisle entry to prevent air leakage.  A magnetic hold open feature allows equipment to be brought into the aisles.

Cool Shield Single Sliding Doors work great for narrow aisles and single row aisles next to a wall. An optional side light frame can be added to span distances greater than 50”.  Doors arrive fully assembled for quick and on-site installation. The Cool Shield door frames, like all Cool Shield extrusions, feature a combination of threaded and slotted channels for multiple mounting and sealing options. Doors are pre-assembled at our factory to minimize labor required for the onsite installation.

Standard Sizes

  • 40” wide x 84” high
  • 50” wide x 84” high
  • 40” wide x 90” high
  • 50” wide x 90” high


  • Covers Hot Or Cold Aisle Entries Up To 50” Width
  • Door Handles And Opening Force Meet ADA Requirements
  • Hydraulic Self-Closing Mechanism
  • Sidelight Frames Extend Doors for Use in Wider Aisles


  • Standard Clear Door Inserts Feature ASTM E84 Class A-Rating
  • Optional Clear Door Inserts with ASTM E84 Class A Or FM 4901 Ratings Available
  • Door Frames feature integrated threaded channels for multiple mounting options.
  • Integrated Brush and Rubber Gaskets Prevent Air Leakage

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    Sliding Doors in Data Centers

    About Sliding Doors for Aisle Containment

    sliding containment door photo
    • Sliding doors in aisle containment refer to a type of door system used in data centers or server rooms to enclose hot or cold aisles.
    • The primary purpose of sliding doors in aisle containment is to optimize airflow management and improve energy efficiency within the data center.
    • These doors are designed to seal off the aisles completely, preventing air leakage and mixing between hot and cold zones.
    • Sliding doors typically have a modular construction, allowing them to be easily installed or removed as per the requirements of the data center.
    • They are often made of sturdy materials such as steel or aluminum to provide durability and security.
    • Sliding doors may feature transparent panels, allowing visibility into the aisle while maintaining the seal and ensuring easy monitoring of equipment.
    • The doors are equipped with smooth sliding mechanisms, enabling easy access to the aisles when necessary for maintenance or equipment installation.
    • The use of sliding doors in aisle containment helps to maintain proper temperature and humidity levels, promoting optimal equipment performance and reducing the risk of overheating.
    • By segregating hot and cold aisles, sliding doors aid in efficient cooling and reduce the workload on HVAC systems, resulting in energy savings.
    • These doors can be integrated with environmental monitoring systems and automated controls to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the data center’s cooling infrastructure.

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