Overlapping Strip Curtains

Versatile and cost-effective solution for retrofit containment in existing data centers.

Fire-rated flexible strip curtains are easily modified to conform to server rows with multiple cabinet heights.

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Overlapping strip curtains were the original form of aisle containment over a decade ago. Aisle containment has become more elaborate but there are still plenty of sites where these flexible curtains are an excellent option

Strip curtains are typically used in existing data centers which have a mix of cabinet sizes which would make using fixed panels difficult. Modern data center strip curtains are not same as those you see at the entrance to the garden center at the hardware store. The material is specially formulated to meet NFPA 76 fire ratings, have minimal static discharge and low outgassing. Optional fusible links can be included to allow the curtains to fall before fire suppression is released.

Flexible strip curtains can have an issue with the air pressure in hot or cold aisles. Strong pressure can make the strips jostle and separate which reduces the effectiveness of the containment. The Cool Shield strip curtain solution features several safeguards to keep separation to a minimum. Strips above server cabinets are held together at the overlap with thin disc magnets. Floor to ceiling strips which are not meant for walk through can be adhered to a 2” x 2” floor angle to create a strip wall. For long strips that are meant to walk through, curtain weights keep the strips strip straight to minimize separation.

Overlapping Strip Curtains are affixed to one of several Cool Shield mounting extrusions. The versatile extrusions can be mounted to drop ceilings, strut grids, server cabinets, cable trays or nearly any overhead support. Strip curtains and mounting channels are cut to size at our factory. Fusible link options are available for individual strips or entire rows of strips.


  • The most cost-effective for of aisle containment
  • Strips are easily cut accommodate changing cabinet heights
  • Magnetic dots and weights prevent strips from separating to minimize leaks
  • Clear strips for high visibility and light transmission
  • Meets NFPA 75 and 76 data center fire safety standards


  • Strips available in 8”, 12” 16”, 24” and 48” width
  • Optional fusible links are UL rated to separate at 135 degrees
  • Strip material has ASTM Class A fire rating
  • Mounting options for drop ceilings, strut grids, cabinets and more
  • Mounting channel available in silver or black finish

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