Framed Aisle Containment Panels

Lite Frame Vertical Panels

Cool Shield Lite Frames are vertical aisle containment panels prevent airflow between hot and cold aisles by sealing from the server cabinet to the ceiling.
hot aisle containment system with dual frame

Dual Frame Vertical Panels

Innovative Cool Shield Dual Slide Frames are designed to provide exceptional sealing from server cabinets to ceiling without restricting access to the cables behind the containment areas.
thermal drop ceiling panels in data center

Drop Away Ceiling Panels

The Cool Shield drop away containment ceiling panels are UL listed and are intended to be used when the fire suppression heads are located directly above the contained area.
Barrier Panels Containment Data Center

Barrier Panels

Cool Shield Barrier Panels fill gaps in server rows to allow full containment of aisles which have missing cabinets, uneven rows, columns or other openings.
rendering of aisle containment system

Vertical Baffle Panels

Cool Shield’s Vertical Baffel Panels are placed on top of server cabinets and extend to within 18” of ceiling to prevent recirculation of exhaust air to the cold aisle.

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