Dual Frame Vertical Panels

Versatile frame allows fixed or sliding panels to allow access to cables or power busway.

Cool Shield Dual Slide Frames are designed to provide exceptional sealing from server cabinets to ceiling without restricting access to the cables behind the containment areas.

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Most vertical containment panels limit access to cable trays and power busways. In some cases, blocking access to busbar power off switches are against electrical codes.

The Dual Slide Frame solution eliminates that issue. The robust but lightweight frames can accept one or two 8mm panels.  This allows for overlapping two panels so technicians can simply slide one of the panels over to reach through the containment (hot aisle or cold aisle) area.  Once work is complete, the panel can be returned to the closed position for full containment.

Built-in Cool Shield Functionality

The Cool Shield Dual Frame, like all of our channels, features multiple threaded slots and grooves for maximum functionality.  The mitre cut sections are framed with internal brackets so all for sides can accept a variety of brush and gasket options.  A center threaded channel on one side allows for quick mounting to ceilings, strut grids or other supports.  Panels can also be connected together to form a fully integrated containment plenum.  Optional cross beams can utilized to prevent bowing or deflection due to air pressure longer aisles.


  • Integrated double track system allow for one or two panels to be framed
  • Overlap panels to create slide feature for access to data cables or power cords
  • Optional handles allow for easy sliding action
  • Integrated threaded and slotted channels for numerous sealing and mounting options


  • Panel inserts with UL 94, ASTM E 84 Class A and FM Global fire ratings available
  • Panels pre-assembled in factory with desired brush and/or gasket options
  • Rubber, foam and brushes fit into slots on all four sides for maximum seal
  • Cool Shield Dual Frame available with anodized (clear, black) or painted finish

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