Lite Frame Vertical Aisle Containment Panels

Solid fixed-vertical panels partitions to seal airflow in the hot aisle / cold aisle of a data center server row.

The Cool Shield Lite Frame system is an attractive, cost-effective solution that manages airflow vertically in containment applications.

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Cool Shield Lite Frames are vertical aisle containment panels prevent airflow between hot and cold aisles by sealing from the server cabinet to the ceiling.

The lightweight aluminum frames are less than ½” thick but create a very rigid panel to stand up to high air pressure environments. Panel insert options include twinwall polycarbonate, solid polycarbonate and FM 4910 plastic (Manufactured by Simona America). Panels can be clear, translucent or opaque.

Like other Cool Shield extrusions, the Lite Frames feature integrated threaded slots which can accept standard screws. This allows for great versatility in mounting our fixed panel system to nearly any existing support including strut, beams, joists or even concrete ceiling. Also, the edges of the frames accept several gasket and brush options to ensure seals to ceilings, cabinets and through pass-through penetrations.

Cool Shied Lite Frames are custom sized to your specific aisle dimensions. Panels are pre-assembled in our factory with integrated gaskets and/or brushes to allow quick on-site installation. Proprietary brackets connect panels together and attach them to ceiling or other overhead support. Optional cross-supports prevent inward or outward deflection in high air pressure aisles.  


  • Multiple panel insert options to meet budget, function or fire-rating specs
  • Panels framed by proprietary Cool Shield channel for high rigidity and seal
  • Solutions for mounting to strut, channel, beams, ceiling grid, cabinets or floor
  • Clear panels for high light transmission
  • Lightweight and cost-effective


  • UL 94, ASTM E 84 Class 1 and FM Global fire ratings available (Manufactured by Simona America)
  • Proprietary channel features threaded and slotted sides for high functionality
  • Rubberized gasket seals against cabinet tops, ceilings and between panels
  • Panel frames less than ½ lb per linear foot Containment panel system can seal in excess of 98% of airflow

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