Project Management Services

In addition to providing the Cool Shield components, Cool Shield provides a fully installed solution tailored to your project. The service starts with a site survey to recommend the most effective configuration. Next our drawing service provides visual details of our proposed solution. We also handle the shipping logistics to make sure the correct parts arrive on time to our team of installers. Our on-site Project Manager ensures the job is completed to the specifications safely and on-time.
Project Management Services


Our consistently excellent post-project reviews are a testament to our commitment to offer a total quality solution. The ability to provide a complete solution from design to installation makes us different. Most other containment solutions are not manufactured by the same company that manages delivery and installation.

Lead Time

Cool Shield standard components including channel extrusions, brackets and doors are all manufactured in bulk quantities. This allows us to fulfill the majority of our orders from stock resulting in lead times often less than one week. Larger projects which require new fabrication of materials will require a lead time of four to six weeks. For customers with standard repeatable configurations, we have the ability to stock all required components to allow quick shipment. This allows customers with dynamic growth to receive their containment on an as-needed basis as expediently as possible.


Our team of installation professionals have extensive experience working on construction sites and in live data centers. We are proud to say that we have had zero incidents resulting in injury or system downtime during an installation.
Cool Shield Warehouse Factory

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