The Cool Shield Advantage

Customized aisle containment solutions that use our proprietary standard components.

The most versatile aisle containment solution maximizes air seal while minimizing installation time.

Cool Shield was one of first aisle containment solutions on the market with our first installations in 2008. At the time there were many skeptics who were unsure if containment would actually reduce cooling costs. Each installation of our simple overlapping strip curtain approach proved the concept as our customers raved about savings of 20% or more. Within just a few years aisle containment had become a best practice with most new data centers designed with containment from the outset. However, most customers wanted higher seal and aesthetic than the strip curtains offered. The Cool Shield product line has evolved over the years to be the most comprehensive in the industry with solutions for vertical panels, sliding panels, self-supporting structures, door solutions, and more. We continue to improve and refine each of our solutions to maintain our reputation for quality products and competitive value.

Our engineers worked with our customers and installers to develop extrusions that allowed for maximum versatility and fast installation. Those parameters are the reason that nearly all Cool Shield extrusions feature a combination of slotted and threaded channels. The slotted channels are multi-functional serving as frames for plastic inserts, accepting brush strips and several types of gaskets. The threaded slots allowed for utilizing various brackets to create customized configurations which install quickly.

Cool Shield is also unique because we can supply both material and professional installation. This ability to handle the full project cycle improves coordination and focuses responsibility on a single party. The result is more projects completed on time and without finger pointing. This is a key reason that Cool Shield is trusted by numerous contractors who can trust that the containment portion of their projects will be handled as smoothly as possible.

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