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The most versatile aisle containment system for new or existing data centers

The Cool Shield Single Sliding Door Is An Aisle Containment Solution That Is Both Highly-Functional And Visually Appealing.

The Cool Shield aisle containment system consists of hundreds of components which have evolved over the course of helping hundreds of customers get the most out of their cooling infrastructures. Every project we have completed has been unique and many have presented new challenges which caused us to design something to extend the capabilities of the product line. Whether it was a new bracket, panel material, door type or gasket these new components were often used in future projects, often in a different way. This continues today as we adapt to changes such as NFPA 75, outside air cooling and modular data centers. The result is a product line which is not just a static solution but a truly evolving system.

The Cool Shield aluminum channel is the heart of the system. Initially designed as a quick and effective means for attaching vertical strips to a drop ceiling grid, it has proven incredibly versatile in adapting to uses for ceiling panels, vertical panels, containment walls, doors and more. The unique combination of threaded and slotted sides has allowed it to be configured in seemingly endless ways. In addition, the design has allowed for great adaptability in mounting a HAC or CAC system to the ceiling, strut channel, support beams, cable trays, threaded rod, concrete ceiling or just about anything.

A variety of flexible strips and solid panels are used with the channel to create the aisle containment barrier. Overlapping flexible strips can be used above server cabinets and in aisle entry ways. ASTM E84 Class A strips are available for compliance with NFPA 75. Solid panels can be used vertically from cabinet to ceiling or across the aisle to form a ceiling. Panels meeting UL94, ASTM E84 Class A and FM 4910 ratings are available.

In addition to the high functionality and custom ability, Cool Shield is extremely cost competitive compared to other aisle containment systems. Regardless if you have a project for a single row in an existing server room or an entire data hall in a brand new build out, our experienced Project Managers can configure the Cool Shield system to be the most efficient and functional aisle containment system available.

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