aisle containment transparent strip walls in a data center server room

Why Do I Need Aisle Containment Curtains?

Data Center Aisle Containment Curtains Cost Effectively Seal Gaps Openings

One of the biggest expenses of running your data center the cost of heating and cooling. Equally important, setting up a hot aisle/cold aisle containment system in your data center is a great way to save money. In addition, this type of containment system encloses the aisle so that hot air produced by the IT equipment is captured and separated from the cold air. As a result, the rest of the data center is now a cold air return. For example, this type of environmental containment necessitates that the data center racks are arranged in a discrete hot aisle/cold aisle arrangement.

Curtain Materials

Some aisle containment curtains use PVC material. On one hand, PVC is inexpensive and easy to cut to fit the data center needs. This often meant that the air pressure could separate the strips and disrupt the temperature. However, Cool Shield currently makes aisle curtains from thinner, higher rated materials to meet safety standards. To overcome disruptions, Cool Shield developed the two-tier aisle containment curtain system.

Using aisle containment curtains has a number of advantages including:
  • Allowing you to increase your data center’s capacity because of more stable temperatures
  • Immediately maximize airflow to increase hot aisle/cold aisle isolation
  • Permitting easy customization for any data center configuration
  • Cool Shield overlapping strip curtains flexible strip material meets NFPA 75 standards
  • Comprised of a two-tier system for efficiency and versatility
  • Available with optional thermal release solutions

Cool Shield offers the most versatile aisle containment system for new or existing data centers. The Cool Shield system uses hundreds of components to flexibly combine and create data center containment solutions that suit your unique needs. Above all, no project is too challenging for our expert team. Contact us today to find out more about aisle containment curtains.

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