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What is Data Center Containment?

Data center aisle containment allows you to fully separate cold airflow from exhaust air coming from hot equipment. By creating a separation you can maintain a supply temperature that is uniform and predictable.

A large amount of energy is used daily to maintain acceptable intake temperatures for your data center equipment. Though you may not realize it, data center cooling is responsible for 50 percent of your energy consumption. The introduction of containment has had a very positive impact on data center cooling and can save you thousands of dollars every year.

Containment Benefits

Today’s cutting-edge aisle containment solutions allow easy deployment and flexibility when it comes to data center expansion. It enables you to build data processing in controlled modules which can easily be added onto. This is much more economical than building a data center that can handle maximum load at the outset. Other benefits of data center containment are:

  • significant savings on energy consumption
  • better server performance
  • servers are protected from airborne particles
  • individual temperature zones can be controlled
  • easy and flexible to install and expand
  • complies with fire and safety standards

Data center aisle containment solutions will vary depending on your size and situation, though generally it will be implemented by use of hot and cold aisles using containment curtains, barrier panels or blanking panels. Specific requirements will depend upon ambient temperature, server tolerance and leakage from data centers.

Here at Cool Shield out expert team is dedicated to providing you with data center containment no matter how challenging your requirements may be. We take the time to talk to each of our clients about their unique needs and apply innovative technologies to provide them with cutting-edge containment solutions. Our aisle containment system consists of hundreds of components which we combine to create unique systems. Contact our team at Cool Shield today to request pricing or find out additional details about our products and services.

(Updated on: Nov 25, 2019 @ 6:41 pm)