thermal drop ceiling panels as part of aisle containment system rendering

What Are Thermal Drop Panels?

Aisle containment ceiling panels are a great solution for cold aisle containment in your data center, particularly if your facility has high ceilings or obstructions above your cabinets. One of the challenges with ceiling panels, particularly if you are retrofitting your data center, is not to obstruct your fire suppression release.

Thermal drop panels are a perfect solution if you’re looking for a panel that will not prevent your current sprinkler system from performing properly over its designed disbursement area. The clear panels let in ambient light so that your data center personnel can see clearly. These innovative panels have a modular design, so they can be customized to fit your needs.

How Thermal Drop Panels Work

The Cool Shield panels are “contact and release”, this means that they can be installed beneath any sprinkler system, either vertically or horizontally to create a snug barrier within the aisle. The barriers ae made from heat sensitive material, so as soon as the temperature rises to 135 degrees Celsius, they will shrink and fall harmlessly out of the way.


  • Cool Shield Thermal Drop Panels are UL listed and FM approved for installation beneath fire sprinklers.
  • The panels are Class-A Fire Rated ASTM-E84-11A.
  • They weigh .75 lbs. and are made from recyclable, 0.013” thick rigid vinyl material.
  •  As well as clear, they also come in white, sand, latte, merlot and black.

At Cool Shield our experts provide aisle containment solutions to help our customers get the most from their cooling infrastructures. Because we understand that each data center is different, we are committed to applying unique technologies to meet every challenge. Whether you need a new gasket or a whole ceiling containment solution, we are here to help. Contact us today to find out more about our thermal drop panels.