Cool Shield’s versatile aisle containment design experience is well suited for overcoming the obstacles and challenges with installing retrofit containment in existing server cabinet rows.

With well over 100 installations, Cool Shield has the most experience with aisle containment design and installations  in the data center market. The majority of these retrofit containment projects have been in existing data centers. Every site evolves in its own way to provide unique challenges to properly sealing the air flow in the hot aisle or cold aisle. The versatility of our product and the experience of our Project Managers allow us to design effective solutions for retrofit containment which eliminate or minimize site challenges better than any other solution on the market.

Regardless of your issue, whether it is cityscape cabinet heights, orphan rows, high ceilings, or something else; we have likely encountered and overcome this issue before. If not, unlike other cookie cutter solutions, we can produce and aisle containment design to address nearly any challenge. Our experienced installation team is also adept at making modifications on the fly to ensure the containment is as effective as possible.

Because we manufacture the majority of our components, our pricing is typically much lower than other solutions which often have resellers and/or distributors. The combination of low cost, experienced project management, customized solutions allows your site to maximize the return on investment on your retrofit containment solution.

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