rendering of an aisle containment system from above, between server rows

Hot Aisle vs. Cold Aisle Containment

Data center environmental control is a critical issue in terms of IT efficiency and security. Both cold aisle and hot aisle containment can improve the efficiency of data centers, although currently, cold aisle containment is considered preferable. Here is an overview of both types of data center containment.

Hot Aisle Containment

A hot aisle containment system is one that that encloses the hot aisle to capture the hot air produced by the equipment, thus separating the hot and cold air and enabling the rest of the data center to become a cold air return. This type of environmental containment necessitates that the data center racks are arranged in a discrete hot aisle/cold aisle arrangement.



Cold Aisle Containment

A cold aisle containment system is one in which encloses the cold aisle and enables the rest of the data center to become a hot air return. This system also keeps the hot and cool air separated and also requires that the data center racks are arranged in a discrete hot aisle/cold aisle arrangement.

Advantages of Cold Aisle Containment

According to a recent white paper by Emerson Network Power, cold aisle containment is the better form of data center environmental control. This is mainly because it enables cold air distribution to be directed exactly where it is needed. This makes it more efficient than hot aisle containment. Although hot aisle containment can also produce highly efficient cooling, because the cool air distribution is open it can be difficult to create the required input temperature. So for hot aisle containment to work optimally, the hot air must be ducted from the hot air containment area all the way to the air inlet of the computer room air conditioning unit.

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