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Aisle containment separates the supply air in the cold aisle from the exhaust air in the hot aisle. This has proven extremely effective at increasing cooling efficiency in the data center.

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Many data centers are not seeing all the potential benefits from containment. Gaps exist in and around server cabinets that allow air to mix between hot and cold aisles.

Blanking panels are widely used to fill empty rack spaces but there are still many gaps between cabinets, under cabinets and inside cabinets which allow air mixing. Cool Shield has a new accessory to quickly and cost-effectively seal most of these openings to maximize the effectiveness of your containment and increase energy savings.

MagSeal is a magnetic strip solution which can seal various gaps up to 3 ½”. The 4” wide strips are scored in one inch increments to allow easy separation to the size needed. The strips come in 25’ long roll which can be easily cut to size. This versatility allows MagSeal to fully seal contained aisles, minimizing air mixing between aisles. The strips can be used vertically cover gaps between cabinets or horizontally as a floor skirt underneath cabinets. They can also seal cable openings in cabinets, gaps above or below mounting rails and almost anywhere there is air leakage.

As an introduction, we are offering a free sample of MagSeal so you can see first hand the many places it can be used to seal gaps in your contained aisles.

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