Thermal Drop Away Ceiling Panels
Thermal Drop Away Ceiling Panels for Aisle Containment

- Pre-assembled Framed Ceiling Panels
- Custom Sized for Your Aisle Width
- Clear Insert is UL Rated to Melt at 135 Degrees
- Ideal for Cold Aisle Containment
- Support Frame Can Accommodate Different Height Racks

Vertical Aisle Containment Panels
Vertical Aisle Containment Panels

- Framed Polycarbonate Panels from Rack to Ceiling
- Optional Pre-assembly for Simplified Installation
- Can Accommodate Cable Tray or Other Penetrations
- Gasket or Strip Brush at Bottom to Allow Height Tolerance
- Can Be Partial Height to Eliminate Fire Suppression Adjustment

Aisle Containment Doors
Aisle Containment Doors

- Sliding and Hinged Door Options Available
- Aluminum Frame Allows for Custom Height and Width
- Clear Fire-Rated Polycarbonate Insert
- Self-Closing Options on All Doors
- Available in Clear Anodized or Black

Flexible Strip Curtain Containment
Flexible Strip Curtain Aisle Containment

- Curtain Material Meets NFPA 75 Data Center Standards
- Most Economical Containment Option
- Optional Magnetic Clasps to Prevent Separation Above Racks
- Optional Adhesive Curtain Weights Prevent Separation in Aisleways
- Can be Installed to Most Drop Ceiling Grids or other Supports

RackFill Panels
RackFill Blanking Panels for Server Cabinets

- Low-cost Plastic Blanking Panel System
- Individual Panels Available in 1U to 27U sizes
- Full Cabinet Blanking Kits for 42U to 54U Racks
- Includes Press-in Clips or Magnetic Disc for Fast Install
- Can be installed in Round or Square Hole Mounting Rails

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Hot and Cold Aisle Containment System Manufacturers

Our versatile aisle containment solutions allow both new and existing data centers to maximize their cooling efficiency within either hot and cold air systems.

Cool Shield provides customers with versatile, turnkey aisle containment systems for new or existing critical spaces. Our offerings range from a single row in a server room to entire data center facilities. This includes self-supported systems for both hot and cold aisle containment. We also offer professional installation, construction project management and retrofit design. Our team of experts are ready to design a custom containment solution that fits both your facility, and your budget.

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Aisle Containment Systems by Cool Shield

What Can Aisle Containment Do For My Data Center?

Aisle containment can improve the efficiency of conventional data center cooling systems currently in place without a large site overhaul. Choosing the best containment option for your facility can save you upwards of 40% in annual cooling system energy costs, which corresponds to almost a 15% reduction in power usage effectiveness (PUE) annually.

single-hinged containment doors enclosing multiple cold aisles in data center

Aisle Containment Reduces PUE and Costs

Containment refers to a specific layout design for server racks and other computing equipment in a data center. Hot aisle containment, or HAC, uses a physical barrier to force hot exhaust airflow back to the AC return, while cold aisle containment, or CAC, eliminates hot spots and while creating a uniform temperature for optimal operating efficiency. Maintaining ideal server operating temperatures can be achieved by separating the cold airflow (CAC) going to the equipment from the hot exhaust air (HAC) coming from the heated equipment. By creating this separation, a data center manager maintains equipment temperature that is uniform and predictable, preventing the likelihood of sensitive equipment from overheating and resulting in data loss.

In a typical data center, costs can be significant as the energy required to maintain acceptable (safe) intake temperatures for system equipment is generally high. A recent study shows that data centers without an effective containment system essentially waste more than 50 percent of energy on unnecessary consumption. Choosing either a hot or cold aisle option can effectively reduce a mission critical facility's energy costs and save money over the lifetime of the system.

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Cool Shield Hot and Cold Aisle Containment Systems

Our industry-leading aisle containment system is designed to be versatile, efficient, functional, energy-saving, and cost-effective. At the heart of our systems lies our proprietary aluminum channel, which offers operators the flexibility to set up almost any type of containment configuration within a new or an existing work space.

The Cool Shield system supports design and installation of a custom aisle for any size data center. The results are improved efficiency and lower energy usage.

For more information on hot aisle containment (HAC) systems, click here: hot aisle containment
For more information on cold aisle containment (CAC) systems, click here: cold aisle containment

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cold aisle containment system, interior view

Cool Shield Data Center Aisle Manager Software

Proprietary Cool Shield Data Center Manager Software is a containment-specific monitoring solution to help safely increase set points. Cool Shield's software monitors conditions such as power issues, high/hot temperatures, humidity and water. Our clients are able to ensure that elevated conditions in their data center are known. Critical facility managers then have the ability to take the appropriate action before damage occurs.

About Cool Shield

Cool Shield's aisle containment solutions feature a comprehensive solution used by the majority of critical facility managers within the industry. We design systems to direct airflow through hot equipment while optimizing cooling efficiency, and we do it better than the competition.

Serving customers across North America, Cool Shield has become a sought after containment solutions provider for data centers in the USA and Canada. Every project presents us with new challenges that require innovative thinking, design, and implementation. With our years of dedication and experience we have learned to handle any and all obstacles with precision and expertise.

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front view rendering of a hot aisle channel contained by double sliding doors, in a data center

Custom Aisle Containment Systems by Cool Shield

Cool Shield's unique aisle containment channel allows for flexibility in data center configuration. Our channel accommodates demanding specifications and critical site conditions.

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Aisle Containment Products and Accessories

Cool Shield demonstrates expertise in professional services. With Cool Shield's containment solutions, data center operators can gain access to a wide array of products and accessories to improve efficiency and effectiveness of their facility, including:

Top Aisle Containment Industry Brands

As a data center operator, you deserve the best in industry reliability and support. Cool Shield has committed to developing and maintaining strong relationships within this industry, making us well-known and trusted aisle containment manufacturers. Working with top brands and producers allows us to offer our clients comprehensive, integrated solutions, while our resources allow us to maximize power and cooling efficiency in facilities of all sizes.

Contact us today to have one of our experienced project managers work with you on your next containment-related project.

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Many of the world’s largest companies trust Cool Shield for aisle containment and mission critical facility needs.