rendering of an aisle containment enclosure

5 Things You Need To Know About Air Conditioned Enclosures for Your Data Center

Air conditioned enclosures (ACE) are designed to take full control of the temperature inside your data center. They are particularly suitable for hot spots or locations that have neither constant air-conditioning nor room air-conditioning. Here are five things you should know about ACE.

  1. Variable configurations: ACE is available in three different configurations designed to optimize the performance of equipment loads. These may be placed within a closet, on a production floor or in an office where the air-conditioning is turned off during weekends.
  2. Environmentally friendly cooling: Each enclosure is cooled by an internal closed-loop cooling system, which is both efficient and economical, and requires no plumbing. Ambient room air is used to cool the condensers then may be expelled back into the room or ducted from the room completely.
  3. Flexible options: You have the option to add an AC system or group enclosures together to increase the capacity of your data center.
  4. Emergency monitoring: You may also add an integrated IP environmental monitoring device, which may be used to provide user defined alerts. A wide array of power strips and UPS are available to complete the integration.
  5. Sturdy design: ACE cooling cabinets are comprised of an aluminum frame with casters, levelers and 3 sets of EIA rails. The enclosures eliminate the necessity of adding cold room aisle containment to your data center.

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(Updated on: Jan 3, 2019 @ 2:09 am)