The most versatile aisle containment system
for new or existing data centers

Aisle containment sliding vertical panels

Cool Shield aisle containment system can be used to prevent supply and exhaust air from mixing in hot or cold aisle applications.
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Aisle Containment Single Sliding Aisle Door

The unique Cool Shield channel allows for unlimited aisle containment configurations to accommodate demanding specifications or site conditions.
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About Cool Shield

The Cool Shield aisle containment system consists of hundreds of components which have evolved over the course of helping hundreds of customers get the most out of their cooling infrastructures. Every project we have completed has been unique and many have presented new challenges which caused us to design something to extend the capabilities of the product line. Whether it was a new bracket, panel material, door type or gasket these new components were often used in future projects, often in a different way.

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Cool Shield Aisle Containment Brochure

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Our versatile Cool Shield aisle containment system is an industry leading solution to allow both new and existing data centers to maximize their cooling efficiency.

At Cool Shield Aisle Containment Solutions, we provide our clients with versatile turnkey aisle containment solutions for their new or existing data centers. Our solutions have been applied to data centers ranging from a single row in an existing server room to an entire data hall in a new facility. We offer professional installation, construction project management and retrofit containment design in addition to aisle containment products and accessories.

Aisle Containment

Data center aisle containment allows you to fully separate cold airflow from exhaust air coming from hot equipment. By creating a separation you can maintain a supply temperature that is uniform and predictable.

A large amount of energy is used daily to maintain acceptable intake temperatures for your data center equipment. Though you may not realize it, data center cooling is responsible for 50 percent of your energy consumption. The introduction of containment has had a very positive impact on data center cooling and can save you thousands of dollars every year.

The Cool Shield Aisle Containment System

The industry leading Cool Shield Aisle Containment System is a data center solution that is designed to be versatile, efficient, functional and cost effective. At the heart of it lies our proprietary aluminum channel that gives us the flexibility to configure aisle containment in seemingly endless ways to both new and existing data centers.

Combined with our other products and services, the Cool Shield Aisle Containment System has allowed us to develop custom solutions for our clients that provides a near complete seal of the aisle containment channels to prevent the mixing of data center supply and exhaust air.

The Cool Shield Manager Software

Our proprietary Cool Shield Manager Software is a containment-specific monitoring solution to help safely increase set points. By using our Cool Shield software solution to monitor data center conditions such as power issues, high temperatures, humidity and water, our clients are able to ensure that elevated conditions in data centers are known, and can take the appropriate action potentially before damage occurs.

Aisle Containment Products and Accessories

In addition to our professional data center services, Cool Shield offers a wide array of products and accessories to our clients to support sealed airflow in and around the containment system, including:

  • Aisle Containment Panels
  • Aisle Containment Strips
  • Aisle Containment Ceiling Panels
  • And other accessories

Top Aisle Containment Industry Brands

In addition to our proprietary products, we have strong relationships with the manufacturers of many of the leading solutions in industry. This allows us to offer comprehensive integrated solutions to maximize the power and cooling efficiency at our customer sites.

Contact us today to have one of our experienced Project Managers work with you on your next data center project.