Data Center Resources Announces New Electromagnetic Release for Sliding Vertical Panel for Cool Shield Aisle Containment Solution

Data Center Resources, LLC, a leading supplier of products and services related to data center power, cooling and monitoring, announced today their new electromagnetic release for sliding vertical panels for the Cool Shield aisle containment product line.  This new electromagnetic release panel provides for a top panel to slide down to prevent blockage of a fire suppression discharge.  A data center manager looking to maximize cooling efficiency yet meet safety standards for their facility will benefit from this new product.

“The Cool Shield Sliding Vertical Panel solution is designed to provide the exceptional sealing capabilities and high aesthetics of a solid panel solution while allowing compliance with NFPA 75.” says Data Center Resources co-founder, Rick Berendes.  “An electronically activated magnet powered by the fire control panel holds the containment system in place.  A fire or smoke or fire event will de-activate the magnet to release the top panel.”

The sliding panel solution is made possible by a new version of the versatile Cool Shield channel.   The unique design allows the channel to frame two panels. This allows a panel system, which is typically fixed, to be configured to slide horizontally or vertically.  The vertical orientation lets gravity drop the upper panel when the magnet releases.  Lower panels can be fitted with a handle on either side to allow the panel to be lifted. This allows access to power cables, data cables or sensitive equipment.  Since the framing system is comprised of the versatile Cool Shield Channel, the upper containment system can be mounted in numerous ways.

Cool Shield Vertical Panels with electromagnetic release are UL 94, ASTM E 84 Class 1 and FM Global fire ratings available. The Vertical Panels are installed as two-overlapping panels in the same slot in the Cool Shield Channel.  Cool Shield Channel is available with anodized (clear, black) or painted finish.

“The high aesthetics of this Cool Shield product and its electromagnetic safety feature is ideal for existing data centers that do not have fire or smoke detectors in both hot and cold aisles.  The Cool Shield Sliding Vertical Panels with electromagnetic release allows these legacy sites to take advantage of the excellent cooling efficiency aisle containment offers.” says Berendes.  Please contact Data Center Resources for product details and pricing.


About Data Center Resources

Data Center Resources, LLC is a leader in providing power, cooling and monitoring products and services for the critical data center and IT spaces. The company develops unique proprietary solutions and also serves as a direct distributor for many of the industry’s largest manufacturers. Customers include the federal government, state and local agencies and many of the world’s largest corporations.

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