The end of another year is approaching and many data center managers have a few use it or lose it budget dollars left over.

The end of another year is approaching and many data center managers have a few use it or lose it budget dollars left over.  It makes good sense to allocate some of these dollars to products that will not only pay for themselves but save money over time.  Sealing gaps in server cabinet rows has been a proven low-cost method, high-return investment by improving cooling efficiency.  Data Center Resources specializes in data center cooling accessories such as blanking panels, foam gap seals and raised floor cut-out covers.

“Filling even the smallest gaps is critical in IT spaces to reduce air bypass within and around the server cabinet”, says Data Center Resources co-founder, Rick Berendes.  “Customers require easy-to-install solutions to fill gaps in data center cabinet rows, below server cabinets, above containment panels or anywhere there is unwanted air leakage.”

DCR’s cooling accessories minimize costly bypass airflow and maximize the capacity and efficiency from HVAC equipment. Bypass airflow is any supply air from cooling units that is not drawn into the server intake where it was intended to go.  This bypass air goes through gaps such as opens spaces in and around server cabinets.  Not only is this wasting conditioned air but it can also effectively reduce the temperature of the return air to the cooling units.  Cooler return air actually reduces the capacity of cooling units.  Minimizing this bypass can reduce energy costs of cooling the data center by 20% or more.

The most popular DCR cooling accessories include: 1) Cool Shield Foam Seal which is an expanding foam strip with and adhesive on one side.  Place between cabinets, under cabinets or next to mounting rails or other long small gaps. The Foam Seals are produced from melamine resin foam base and are made 99.9% airtight by heat sealing both sides. 2) Cool Shield Individual Blanking Panels are a great solution to fill 1U to 10U empty spaces in server cabinets and are lightweight but have rigid thermoplastic, are non-porous and install easily with snap-in clips for square or round mounting holes. 3) Cool Shield FloorGuard is a low-cost yet highly effective approach to sealing cable cut-outs and other openings in raised floors. The FloorGuard is easy to cut to any size and forms a seal around the cables to prevent air leakage and is made of non-slip rubberized vinyl foam and is nearly impossible to tear.

“The simplicity of installing DCR’s entire line of cooling accessories combined with their high-quality and affordability make our products superior to what our competitors are offering” says Berendes.  DCR’s Aisle Containment Accessories are inventoried and can often ship the same day.  Please contact Data Center Resources for complimentary samples, product details and pricing.

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Data Center Resources, LLC is a leader in providing power, cooling and monitoring products and services for the critical data center and IT spaces. The company develops unique, proprietary solutions and also serves as a direct distributor for many of the industry’s leading manufacturers. Customers include the Federal government, State and local agencies as well as many of the world’s largest corporations.

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