Data Center Resources announces their Thermal Drop Panels for the Cool Shield aisle containment product line.

Data Center Resources, LLC, a leading supplier of products and services related to data center power, cooling and monitoring, announces their Thermal Drop Panels for the Cool Shield aisle containment product line. These contract and release containment ceiling panels are designed to be installed under fire suppression systems. The released panels enable the sprinkler system to hit its designed disbursement area.

“The Cool Shield Thermal Drop Panels are completely clear allowing ambient light in which keeps the aisle well lit for data center personnel”, says Data Center Resources co-founder, Rick Berendes. “Due to the modular design of the Cool Shield system, the panels can be customized to fit almost any requirement.”

The Cool Shield contract and release panels are UL listed and are intended to be used when the fire suppression heads are located directly above the aisle containment area. The panel solution can be installed horizontally or vertically to create a tight containment barrier within the aisle. The panels are heat sensitive and shrink away falling harmlessly out of the way once the temperature hits 135 degrees Celsius.

Cool Shield Thermal Drop Panels are UL listed and FM approved for installation beneath fire sprinklers. The panels are Class-A Fire Rated ASTM-E84-11A, weigh .75 lbs and are made of a feather-light, recyclable, 0.013” thick rigid vinyl material. The easy installation panels have a low fire temp sensitivity and come in various colors including Clear, White, Sand, Latte, Merlot and Black.

“The high aesthetics of this Cool Shield product and its unique design to be installed under fire suppression systems is ideal for new or existing data centers. The Cool Shield Thermal Panels allow data centers to take advantage of the excellent cooling efficiency aisle containment offers without obstructing fire suppression release.” says Berendes.  Please contact Data Center Resources for product details and pricing.

About Data Center Resources

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