Data Center Resources Announces a Solution to Convert Cage Walls into a Solid Vertical Partition

Data Center Resources, LLC, a leading supplier of products and services related to data center power, cooling and monitoring, has developed a solution to help co-location data centers better manage air flow in their cage environments.  This addition to the Cool Shield aisle containment solution converts cage walls into a solid vertical partition.  This can help co-location providers better manage airflow to protect customer equipment and save money on cooling costs.

“A lot of large cage environments have evolved in a way that is not optimal for effective equipment cooling.” says Data Center Resources co-founder, Rick Berendes.  “One cage area may have rows of cabinets exhausting hot air directly into the “cold aisle” of the adjacent cage.  In other cases, a cage with higher density can disrupt the airflow of several nearby cages.  In both situations, the cage partitions are a simple way to manage air flow between cages.”

The Cool Shield cage partition system uses clear panels to allow for high visibility into the cage area.  The panels are also E84 Class A rated to comply with NFPA 75 data center standards.  The light weight panels are easy to lift and install, either by the customer or by Data Center Resources professional installation team. They can be used sporadically to address problem areas,  extensively for proactive air flow management or simply to block unused areas of the data center space.

“The cage partitions can give co-location providers better control of their airflow.” says Berendes.  “Like all data center operators, they want to operate their cooling infrastructure as efficiently as possible.  However, unlike other data centers they don’t always have control over racks and equipment.  This provides them a tool which both protects the customer equipment and increases air flow efficiency.”  Please contact Data Center Resources for product details and pricing.

About Data Center Resources

Data Center Resources, LLC is a leader in providing power, cooling and monitoring products and services for the critical data center and IT spaces. The company develops unique, proprietary solutions and also serves as a direct distributor for many of the industry’s leading manufacturers. Customers include the Federal government, State and local agencies as well as many of the world’s largest corporations.

Press Contact:
Justin Tocco