Data Center Resources Announces New Foam AirStrip Blanking Panel for Cool Shield Aisle Containment Solution

ATLANTA, Ga – (PR Web) – Data Center Resources, LLC, a leading supplier of products and services related to data center power, cooling and monitoring, announced today the completion of a new web site dedicated to their highly successful Cool Shield aisle containment product line. The new site,, provides a more extensive overview of the configurations, capabilities and unique functionality of the Cool Shield system than is feasible on the main company web site.

“Cool Shield has evolved so much over the past few years that we felt the larger platform of a dedicated web site was necessary to properly convey the breadth of options that are now available.” says Data Center Resources co-founder, Rick Berendes. “Each of our well over 100 installations has been unique and many featured challenges which have allowed us to expand the functionality of the product. Our intention is to highlight this exceptional versatility in the new web site.”

Several new configurations are featured which address current trends in the aisle containment marketplace. For example, there is information on solutions with vertical and horizontal panels with a release mechanism which integrates with the fire control panel. These solutions are designed to comply with the new NFPA 75 data center standards for fire protection. In addition, several Cool Shield accessories, which have been developed to complement proper aisle containment such as adjustable filler panels, foam gap seals and blanking panels are also offered.

The web site is targeted to data center managers looking to improve cooling efficiency in their existing data center and also to the data center design-build community. End-users, architects, engineers and contractors are likely to find information and images which resonates with them in terms of their upcoming containment project. Response forms are available for site uses to submit information on a project to receive customized design suggestions, drawings and budgetary pricing.

About Data Center Resources

Data Center Resources, LLC is a leader in providing power, cooling and monitoring products and services for the critical data center and IT spaces. The company develops unique proprietary solutions and also serves as a direct distributor for many of the industry’s largest manufacturers. Customers include the federal government, state and local agencies and many of the world’s largest corporations.

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Justin Tocco