Hot and Cold Aisle Containment Systems: How They Work and Why They Are So Important To Modern Data Centers

May 12, 2019 1 week ago
cold air flow within aisle containment system

For many businesses, the heart of their technical operation is the server room. This room houses all the critical data for the organization. Protecting this infrastructure is essential to the functioning of your business, which is why aisle containment is so crucial.

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A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Aisle Containment Doors

Apr 23, 2019 4 weeks ago
Sliding aisle containment doors

Aisle containment has become an increasingly pervasive option for improving data center cooling efficiency. After all, footing the hefty energy bill for air conditioning can dig a big hole in your bank account. Whether you opt for cold aisle containment or hot aisle containment, you can rest assured that you’ll cut power costs, reduce your carbon footprint and ensure that your data center is optimally cool to operate the racks at maximum efficiency. For the best results, however, data center facilities have to invest in top-notch aisle containment products like ceiling panels, wall panels, containment strips, and, of course, doors.

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Which Aisle Containment Strips are Right for You?

Mar 29, 2019 2 months ago
containment strips enclosing a cold aisle - rendering

Energy consumed by data centers to keep their facilities (and racks) acceptably cool can have a huge impact on the company’s bottom-line, overall carbon footprint, and operating costs. One of the most efficient ways to greatly reduce energy usage in a data center environment is aisle containment. This entails the use of aisle containment apparatus like strips, wall panels, doors, ceiling panels, and so forth to create a barrier between exhaust air from hot equipment and cold supply airflow.

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Crucial Strategies & Tips to Keep in Mind when Implementing Data Center Aisle Containment

Mar 6, 2019 2 months ago
containment system rendering - white

There’s no question that cold aisle / hot aisle concept of data center setup is here to stay. But data centers are facing new cooling challenges in the face of accelerating energy consumption rates and rising energy costs. One of the biggest challenges is ensuring that existing cooling systems can keep up with the demands of ongoing technology upgrades and client needs. That’s why most data centers are turning to aisle containment to keep their facilities and cooling infrastructures up and running, as well as keep up with high-density rack loads. The good news is that aisle containment solutions can…

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